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About Us - Pelle Pelle Leather Jackets

Our Story

The saddest news for the year 2019 was the discontinuation of pellepelle’s fashion statement. For 4 decades, people have considered no other option than pellepelle for getting their warm wear. However, the story has been different since 2019.

Renowned brand pellepelle took birth in 1970 and brought a revolution in the fashion industry with its comfortable yet, highly irresistible pieces of statement. The apparel brand rolled out garbs were self-evident that the owner, Designer Marc Buchanan must have been fond of vivid and bright colors. He further accompanied the range of embellished leather jackets, with cool outerwear, the widest variety of sportswear, and vast diversification in the spectrum of handbags.

Celebrities and iconic personalities were never afraid of carrying Marc Buchanan’s designed statements. They all carried, and flaunted alongside! Tommy Hearns – the famous American boxer was often identified as wearing the creations of Buchanan. The popularity of the brand was further fueled when an outstanding American sitcom television series known as “Cheers” featured the jacket.

Design innovator, Marc Buchanan was never afraid of experiments! And none of his experiments failed. Since we have been collecting most of their produced attire, a great transformation can be glimpsed. From the addition of fur trims to rhinestones to a noticeable difference in stitch patterns and the size of the logo – everything synced with the need of time.

We have kept their last few pieces of garb as a memory too. People who own the products of this reputable brand know that they are never going to run out of style. The designs are ever-green and hold an exceptional space in our wardrobe.

Although we are not the official website and agree that none can steal the essence of the brand, we still strive to serve the fans of the brand.

Continuing the Legacy of Authencity In Apparel!

Who Are We?

The admirers of pellepelle clothing! Being passionate about fashion and obsessed with attires, we are an online store that offers the finest form of leather jackets, combined with the innovation of the pellepelle brand. This online store is meant to serve the people with merely near designs, and class that the original brand “pellepelle” offered to its followers.

We are familiar with the heartbreaks that occurred after it was disclosed that the renowned brand pellepelle has winded down the operation. We were one of them too! After they stepped out of Biz, no brand has been enabled to stack up against that elegance. The sophistication and prestige the clothing brand offered is unrivaled and is a sure sign of authenticity.

Goals and Mission

Our goal and mission revolve around extending the joy of fashion, and style for the people who love to carry garb in style. Being the devotee of this virtuoso brand, we offer the broadest variety of attires to men and women of all ages and tastes. In accordance with the diversified preferences of the audience, we assure that none of the buyers-to-be return empty hands. Be it the cool bomber jacket, voguish biker jacket, or an elegant knee-length coat, we offer it all! Also, we help fashion ambitious people to have their own unique and signature style, coupled with opulence.

Moreover, we have organized all the outstanding outwear for the buyers to serve as a one-stop-apparel solution to them. The agenda is to be the only option for people to pick all of their apparel (and we have been successful in that so far). From vintage occasional wear to daily wear – we are the epitome of all your outerwear needs.


Just like the website name reflects – pellepelle itself is the inspiration for us! Maximum of our inventory has been inspired by the top-picked pellepelle jackets, which earned tremendous recognition either for their hip-hop colors, or the grace that the piece of garb illustrated. By staying within the silhouette of this eminent brand, we strive to set the hallmark for styles, versatility, ingenuity, creativity, and artisanship.

We aspire to put people at the heart of authentic apparel and empower every fashion freak to thrive. The organized online store functions to feed the soul of fashionistas with the same grace and elegance as pellepelle. We strive harder each day to be the nearest to those outcomes.


The prime concern is the quality – just like the previous brand pellepelle had! We take quality very seriously. In the light of our values, we aim to serve with the top-notch and superior quality of leather and fabric. We are unknown to synthetic leather and are only familiar with real leather like sheepskin or lambskin. Also, we have hired the best and experienced craftsmen to maintain the standards of stitching.


pellepelle Jackets is a well-known online store, offering the reconstructed fashion statements of the real brand pellepelle. We clearly state that we are not associated with the original brand by any means, except the heart. This website is dedicated to the designer of all time, Marc Buchanan – who might be out of the industry but still rules our hearts!

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